Mostly Competent: Round 1, Fight! … or not...


Na has beef with the female characters in Firefall and Windows 8 but is ready to fight!


It’s taken me three days to download and install Firefall.

Part of that is on my shoulders, because of, you know, LIFE, but a larger part I’m dumping square in the realm of…

I know the feeling xD


Cedric Le Borgne

(top 3) ‘Les Voyageurs’, 2006, Geneve

(bottom 3) ‘Les Voyaguers’, 2011, Durham, UK

(Click images to enlarge)

The promises we made….

(via that1guyfromgotham)

I hope so haha xD

(via ofmeninblueboxesandtights)


Shark Attack III 

It’s Day 3 of BearShark week and to celebrate the release of our new Nintendo 3DS game we’re giving away 5 more codes for a FREE download.

The first 5 people to send me a picture on Tumblr of a bear and shark together win! 3…2…1 Go!

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